Flutterby Weddings

Style Guide

Choosing a wedding tiara or hair accessory can be a daunting task especially with the dazzling array of choice available to you.

We have put together this simple guide to help you choose the perfect accessories for your or your bridesmaids.

Wedding Tiaras

Traditional Wedding Tiaras sit naturally on the top of your head rather than flat against your head like a headband. They are designed so that your hair is dressed around them to hide the ends of the tiara and also if needed hair grips can be used to secure it in place.

Tiaras can be worn with most styles of hair and with additional simple hair accessories.

Asymmetric or Side Tiaras

Asymmetric or side tiaras are made onto headbands and sit on your head like a headband. They are very easy and comfortable to wear. They can be worn with hair down aswell as up although they are generally not suitable to be worn with traditional veils.


Headbands are very easy to wear and require no fixing at all they simply sit on your head. They are available in two styles a simple slim metal band which is very flexible and comfortable to wear or a ribbon covered thicker band which is ideal for flowergirls.

Headbands are ideal for those wearing their hair down or those with a bob hair style. Headbands can be worn with hair up but your hair would need to be dressed around the ends of the band. Most headbands are not suitable for wearing with veils.

Large Hair Accessories

Large Hairpins and Hairgrips can be worn solo in hair up or down. Simply add a large hairpin to hair worn up or sweep hair to the side with a large hairgrip. They can also be worn with small simple hair accessories for added wow factor.

Small Hair Accessories

Simple small hair accessories can be worn in groups scattered through hair worn up or down. They are most pleasing to the eye when worn in odd numbers.

They are very versatile and can be worn as hairpins in hair worn up or as hairgrips when hair is worn down. They can be used together with larger hair accessories and tiaras.

What is the difference between Hairpins and Hairgrips?

Hairpins have two prongs about half a centemetre apart they do not brip to the hair they simply push into hair worn up and hold. They cannot be worn in hair worn down. They are available in brown and black and disappear into the hair only revealing the hair decoration.

Hairgrips also have two prongs but the prongs sit together and when pushed into hair they grip. They can be worn in both hair worn up and down. They are available in brown, black, silver and gold/blonde.


Hair Combs

Hair Combs are very versatile they can be worn in hair worn down sweeping it to the side or they can be pushed into French pleats or near the top of a bun. They are available in two sizes 7 cms and 10 cms.